Exploring connections between two worlds

I was taught growing up that art was a hobby and not a real career choice. Math and science, I was told, are the paths to success in the real world. Those are the subjects that I was allowed to pursue growing up and my love for art was just a hobby. I could not ignore my need for art in the world, so I attempted to indulge as much as possible. Over time I realized that art is in everything. It is more than a pretty picture, a vase, or a song. My world was never absent from art, I just did not realize how much I was surrounded by it.Slide 1

I started playing the violin when I was only four years old. It was one of the few outlets I had to express myself and explore my creativity. Still, I found it was more related to mathematics than I initially thought. Time signatures, Rhythms, beats, counting, and keys are tools that make music fluent and appealing. Without structure in these areas the sound is chaos and not pleasing to listen to.

I chose pursue a career based in science after taking human anatomy in college. It was a difficult course, but I was enthralled. Studying for it came naturally because I loved the subject matter. I was no longer forcing myself to learn something because I had to, I was learning something that truly interested me. Studying included painting, coloring, drawing, and mapping the human body. Each one of us is our own piece of art; nature’s artwork.Slide 2

The world beneath a microscope is beautiful and fascinating. Something as simple as a section of human tissue stained with hematoxylin and eosin allows us to see specific structures unique to that structure. There are many different types of stains which result in a different staining pattern based on the method used. Understanding how those methods work allow us to utilize tissue staining to cure and treat disease.

I am bridging the gap between the art and science worlds. I hope that you will see, as I have, that the gap does not truly exist. The misconception that they are separate entities can be snuffed out once we open our minds and our eyes to the world around us. There is an art to science and there is science in every piece of art.

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